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Miami Li Inc.

AQUA EYEBROW - Hazelnut (236)

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Hazelnut (236)

Must-have‖ Slightly warmer than Sandalwood; but is still considered a more neutral color.

A well balanced universal medium brown color. A good color for most Fitzpatrick III-V skin types. A stand-alone; great right out of the bottle color. A very popular eyebrow color. Lighten with Sahara, Brève, Crème Latte or Lighten Up. Darken with Cocoa, Navajo Brown or Ebony Brown (small amounts). For additional warmth add Grey Vanish, 24 Carat Mod, Beautiful Blonde or Autumn Gold. Favorite Combinations: Add Auburn as needed for dark auburn brows. Add Ebony Brown, Cocoa or Navajo Brown to darken as needed. Add Olive Mod or Espresso to add coolness.