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Go To Platinum 6000 PagePlatinum 6000™ Machine
The revolutionary new Platinum™ 6000 machine features excellent precision to create the finest hairline, and the power to successfully complete a paramedical procedure. Capable of handling multi-needle groups in cluster (round) and shader (flat) needles, with hand and foot pedal control.  Can be used with the MicroTech Power Source™ MC-5550 .

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Go To Sapphire 2000 PageSapphire Dynasty 2000™ Machine
Motor power increased, capable of handling up to eight prong needles for permanent cosmetic and paramedical procedures. Complies with the sterilization guidelines set by the Center for Disease Control. Approved for professional insurance coverage. New generation design with safety in mind. Equipped with the EXTRA LONG New Revolutionary "3E" Combo Needle. Can be used with the MicroTech Power Source™ MC-5550 Which transforms the Sapphire 2000 into a more powerful machine.

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